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To submit a proposal or update and to find out more information:


If you missed the August 30th deadline to submit a proposal or update for your Spring 2020 WI course, please submit at the link above as soon as possible.  Campus Writing Program staff have already started reviewing Spring 2020 courses and the courses will be sent to the Campus Writing Board for approval early next week.    In order for your WI course to be approved in time for early registration and to be considered for potential funding, the proposal/update must be received by September 20th.  If you need assistance with your proposal, please contact us, we are happy to help! 


WI Course Proposal Deadlines:

Course proposals are due on the following dates to be considered for funding and to ensure that the course is listed in MyZou in time for early registration.


ยท        Fall Courses โ€“ Submit by January 30th

Spring Courses โ€“ Submit by August 30th

Summer Courses โ€“ Submit by November 30th


Please contact us if you have questions!




Amy, Christy, Jackie & Julie

Campus Writing Program

University of Missouri

Conley House, 602 Sanford St.

Columbia, MO  65211


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