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Sent: Monday, August 19, 2019 10:00:40 PM
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Subject: Three Terns around Silver Lake, Chariton Co.

I took my boat down to Swan Lake NWR today to paddle around the east side of Silver Lake. My Best birds were the Least birds - Least Tern and Least Bittern. I actually only did one turn around that part of the lake, but I did see three species of Terns. Hearing the calls of a couple of LETE first got my attention. Not seeing them that often here, I am always amazed how small they are. I checked in Sibley, and they are only slightly larger than Purple Martins, and actually weigh less!  There were also several each Black and Forester's Terns there today. The LEBI was in a large stand of Cattails. I had not seen any Cormorants around so the one DCCO was the first for the Season. Heard an occasional Bobolink going over. Song Sparrows and Goldfinch singing around the edges. Quite a few Swallows around including about 150 Purple Martins sharing a large dead tree with a Red-headed Woodpecker. Nice calm day to be on the water, but pretty HOT by the time I took out.

Steve Kinder
Chillicothe, Livingston Co.
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