As my job has me at work at 3AM and outdoors.  Birding is by ear and no equipment.  The Institution where I work, is in DeKalb county, and apparently resembles a wetlands area.  12 buildings in a circle and a long building in the center all with  blue roofs surrounded   by grass. The area covers approximately 200 acres. At this time of day it is relatively quiet with little human activity.

Monday morning I was amazed to hear several Upland Sandpipers calling  overhead. As daylight came I could see 2 sandpipers flying overhead an a couple on the ground, along with several Killdeer.

Tuesday morning brought the same events but none on the ground, and 1 visible.

Wednesday thru Friday the number of Upland Sandpiper calls had lessened but there were other different call  notes, of shorebirds that I could not identify.  The only other call note that I was familiar with was a couple of Greater Yellowlegs.

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