With apology to TSE 

A poem by a Facebook friend 

'Between the Lines' by Ipsita Ganguli

Between the absolution  and the extinction 
The pushing forth and the pulling away
The high tide and the low tide
Of your  emotions 
Tugging away in utter chaos
Exists  This Truth

Bobbing on the waves
Frothy, Unreal, a bubble 
Tiny trickle 
Yet it exists 
This  feeling

Knowing that You
Play within yourself
A monotone
A warning
For You allow it to shape you 
While all the while
You escape behind your haze of smoke

Mundane mystery
Conditions You
You let it in
And there is this
Gossamer veil 
Over truth

Only if you let in
The sunshine
The Moonbeam
And salt sea
The rare air

And void between 
The Said and Unsaid
Would cease to be 
Just perhaps you 
May breathe free

Copyright ~ Ipsita Ganguli