Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to make sure everyone knows that Eagle Bluffs CA is closed to all access until flood waters recede and we can get the gravel roads fixed. We’ve had problems with people driving through standing water, on levee tops and other areas they are not supposed to be, so to insure you are not ticketed for something silly, please refrain from driving onto Eagle Bluffs. It is listed as closed on Atlas, there are multiple signs up saying “area closed,” and the area information hotline has the same message. As soon as water is off the roads we’ll begin cleanup and road repair and have the area back open as soon as possible! I really don’t have a timeline as to when this will be, as we are completely at the mercy of the Missouri River level.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


Brady Lichtenberg

Wildlife Biologist

Missouri Department of Conservation

Eagle Bluffs Conservation Area

6700 W. Rte. K, Columbia MO

Office: 573-445-3882     Ext. 6142


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