I thought some of you might be interested in this for hummingbird feeders or oriole jelly feeders.

I’ve recently became aware of a product called AntCant, available from Amazon, which comes with a small roll of aluminum tape and a spray can of AntCant.   As a disclaimer, I have no connection whatsoever to this product and it is a little pricey.

I’ve now used it for about a week on 4 different metal poles, where I have beehouses and an oriole feeder mounted.  Both have had issues with a significant number of ants and were not amenable to the typical water moat.

You wrap the 2 inch tape around the pole, then spray the tape with AntCant.  Supposedly the ants can’t grip the surface & cross the tape, and supposedly it lasts for a long time, like 3 months.

Bottom line, I’ve used it for a week and NO ants on the feeders.  So far, it’s solved my ant issue.  Thought I’d pass the info along.

Dan Getman, Kirksville, northeast MO

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