Amazing work has been done on the western half of Mokane Rd. over the past
48 hours, or since my visit to scout it out. The roadway has been pumped
dry, and mud has been bulldozed off of the pavement. As a result, you can
now drive the three miles from Hibernia Rd. east to the first bridge at
Nieman Branch. At that point, the road is closed and will need repair on
both sides of the bridge. Traveling eastward, there was only one stretch
where shallow water was flowing over the road, and anyone could have
driven through this safely. However, I still needed to dodge a sunfish of
some sort as it swam out in front of me.

As I already mentioned, you can then take MO-94 to CR 4035 to reach a
further 1.5 miles of passable road to the east (a ³road closed² sign has
now been put up to prohibit traveling to the west). I recommend going
there because tonight I found 23 Least Sandpiper just north of the
passable stretch, half a mile east of CR 4035, and I think the
shorebirding in this area will be excellent in coming days and weeks. Just
be aware that there is some mud and silt over the gravel.

To sum things up, less than three miles of Mokane Road (CR 4038) remain
impassable, and the open portions are very worth birding.

Tonightıs checklist:

Good birding everyone,

Pete Monacell,
Jefferson City

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