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After work today I did a little birding around the Creve Coeur Lake area.
Sport Port Road is no longer under water, although it has been reduced to
one lane as it nears Hooks River Road. There were road blocks up near this
intersection, but I was able to watch a group of Little Blue Herons, Great
Egrets, a couple Snowy Egrets and one Cattle Egret in the adjacent fields.

I tried to get to Little Creve Coeur Marsh via River Valley Drive, but it
was under water just west of 141. After turning around, I tried to approach
Little Creve Coeur Marsh by.taking Creve Coeur Mill Road to Waterworks Road
to River Valley Drive. Sadly, much of the parking lot is still under water
and the gate is closed, preventing access to the parking lot. Not to be
deterred, I drove down to the parking lot for the Pfeifer Shelter, and
walked the paved path along the back side of Little Creve Coeur Marsh.
Water levels remain high in the marsh, but I had good looks at both
Orioles, two Green Herons and a lone Common Gallinule. The Gallinule was
about three quarters of a mile south of the Pfeifer Shelter.Not a bad
outing for a late afternoon in mid-July.

Diane Bricmont

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