I went down to check on the rookery at Westminster place this afternoon.  The birds are hot, and mischievous!  While there I had a very nice and long conversation with one of the maintenance workers for the complex and after the conversation he seemed extremely interested in the birds and thanked me for sharing my knowledge, what little I have!  lol.  After he walked away I started photographing the LBH nests next to the community garden on the south side of Olive.  A Fledgeling fell from the nest and caught itself on a small branch and then struggled for a good long while to pull itself back up.  I photographed the sequence and created an album on flicker if anyone would like to see the photos.

Anyone going down feel free to make sure it is still in the tree.  First tree next to the cornfield on south side of olive.  I stood on the other side of the corn field about 10 feet south of sidewalk and watched this particular fledgeling and nest for long time.  There is a semicircle indentation into the cornfield with the best vantage point.  I don’t think this little one can make it back up to the nest but there is always a chance and what else does it have to do?

Lisa Saffell
St. Louis, MO

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