Hey all,
I took pictures of the trees at Westminster Place from 9:45am-1:00pm today.  Aside from the cheeping of all of those baby birds, it was very quiet.  I saw no indication that any more trees had been cut.  

The numbers of great egrets seems to be increasing.  Some of the chicks are getting quite large.   Are they considered fledged once they have left the actual nest but are still in the tree?

Take it easy out there,
St Louis

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I just replied to your separate note regarding a map for your use in taking pics this morning.
I won't repeat all the info included in that e-mail, but PLEASE let me know if you do not receive that note.

The pics that Jennifer attached to her e-mail reminds me to urge you to make your pics as "wide view" as possible. We do not need to identify a tree or its stump or see nests, but simply be able to see how many trees/stumps are in a particular location with the emphasis on the LOCATION. Each picture must be able to be visually tied to an address (if taken in front) or to another pic. Jennifer's pics were close-in and virtually no way to tell what building they were next to.

The "legal situation" is being worked in the background with several attorneys in the loop and my communication with federal and state agencies. I've been trying to keep the core group apprised of what I learn about the law, regulations and those agency perspectives. I have another call scheduled this morning with the MO Dept of Conservation.

I hate to tell people NOT to visit Vickie, but I am also sensitive to how quickly we could become annoying to her if several people are stopping by repeatedly. I think if you wanted to say HI or THANKS or such, that would be great. If you see NEW trees being cut on OLIVE, by all means track her down AND TEXT Lisa and me. I THINK Lisa was going to set up a group text with all of the core team included, which we could then use as an "alert" if someone observed a problem.
Speaking of which, what is your number?


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> I must have missed Mitch’s earlier email as referred to by Lisa below.  
> Could someone please forward it to me?  What is the current status of 
> the situation?  Do we need to start thinking about legal remedies to 
> stop the tree cutting?
> I am a bit confused.
> I was considering going to visit Vickie tomorrow, but if there are 
> hostilities, I am not sure this visit would be advisable.
> Do we have a copy of the apartment diagram showing the trees with 
> nests that I could take with me tomorrow to see if any have been cut?
> What should we do if a tree with nest is being cut?
> I will probably visit the rookery regardless of whether I visit 
> Vickie.  I’ll go around 10am.
> Maureen
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> Subject: Re: Feet on the ground Daily - Heron Rookery Call for 
> Volunteers
> Hi Lisa and Mitch,
> First of all, THANK YOU very much for conducting the 'feet on the 
> ground daily' call, and especially thanks Mitch for your strong 
> support.
> Attached please see the photos I took on site, and was confirmed with 
> two more residents today that these trees were cut last Friday, and 
> they continue finishing the job this Monday for cleaning. These are by 
> the address 3951, and next to address 3963 on Olive. As Mitch 
> mentioned, they may/ may not have any nests. it is too late but 
> letting go.
> I didn't send this email to other participants but people may know the 
> site well enough to recognize the photos. Please note we deal with the 
> 'property manager' Vicki who receives and handles complaints on daily 
> basis and she is an expert to calm things down.
> This new apartment management is a privately own company that owns 
> quite properties throughout the States, and is well known as a 
> 'horrible' apartments owner. Therefore, I'd rather trust what their 
> tenants tell the truth.
> Up to this point, this is beyond watching birds, but dealing with good 
> or bad behavior for any human being how they treat the environment and 
> wildlife on earth. Most of remaining birds there are now feeding 
> babies. Below is what Vicki said in briefing:
> 1) She obeys the law, as long as not potentially attempt to harm the 
> wildlife, she could conduct any normal business as needed,
> 2) She can not promise me that Olive street will be kept as 
> 'un-touched', because the same reason described as above; (next week 
> they are cutting trees behind the corner of office which is the 
> junction to the other side of Olive parking lots, but not those big 
> trees where lots of little blue located.)
> 3) Late August to September is too late for her to mange the tree 
> cutting project, which there are 100+ trees to be cut;
> 4) the tree cutter guy is the sub-contractor used by her (not employed 
> by her), and they have one month contract to continue working on their 
> premises;
> 5) She has tried keep both sides parties happy, but normal business 
> remains as these birds live in the city and they 'KNOW' the noise and 
> chainsaw! (REALLY? but, I learned I'd rather not to debate with
> her.)
> If you believed you could see people true personality through the way 
> how they view the wildlife and nature before prioritizing human 
> conduct or 'money', I believed the rookery birds has definitively 
> distinguish the difference for us. After this is over and all trees 
> gone, this place will be no tree and no grass but like 'city' as Vicki 
> described what it supposed to be. Mitch, how do we change humans 
> belief?
> Thanks for reading.
> On Tue, Jul 16, 2019 at 7:13 PM Lisa Saffell <[log in to unmask] 
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> As a follow up to Mitch’s earlier email.  We think it would be in the 
> best interest of the birds to have daily visits, no more than
> 3-4 hours apart, for a short time just to make sure the rookery is 
> doing well and no further tree cutting is happening.  You are 
> receiving this email because you participated in the survey or got 
> involved after the survey.  I might end up asking for more volunteers 
> on Mobirds but for now Mitch and I thought it best to start with a 
> core group and add people as needed.  With that said if you know of 
> others, not included in this email, who might help us
> then please send my email to them or send me their email address.    
> It would be ideal if we could make sure that a birder went through the 
> area every day in the morning, early afternoon, and evening.  We 
> realize this is a lot to ask and if you have no desire to participate 
> then please just drop me an email that you want to opt out.  The 
> reason we thought it best to do this through email is so that we can 
> communicate with this group quickly and effectively should something 
> happen and we need to rally the troops again.  I’m not sure how in the 
> world to keep track of this in an efficient manner but i’m jumping in 
> anyway.  I guess first I’ll start with this short email explaining 
> what we are wanting to do and then get a list of people who can help 
> us keep an eye on the area daily.  It doesn’t mean you will need to go 
> over there every day.  The more people we have the more we can spread 
> out the visits.  If you know you plan on going through the area every 
> day at the same time and want to take on that task of checking the 
> area every day then great!
>  If you can go once a week and it varies, or if you can go once a week 
> on the same day and time even better!  If you can only do one
> visit over the next three weeks then we will take it!   So please,  
> everyone, respond back to just me and let me know if you can possibly 
> help with the "Heron Rookery Boots on the ground initiative”, along 
> with a little note about how deeply you want to be involved, or not.  
> Thanks all!
> Lisa Saffell

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