Please indulge one more heartfelt thank you from a proud member of this community. 

A huge thank you to everyone who went to see the birds and documented their colony before any of this happened, who were on the scene when the cutting was going on and informed the birding community, members of the community who couldn’t go the the trees but who provided names and contact info of people who might be able to help, who came to the scene right away to see what they could do, who stopped the tree cutters—wielding chainsaws—in action, who asked the tree cutters if they saw any nests, who watched over the nestlings until rescuers could come, who talked to the apartment manager asking her to stop cutting, who shared photos of the birds, who wrote articles about the birds, who clicked on and shared those articles, who provided moral support to the distraught birders, who carefully rescued and then nurtured the babies to health, who made a make-shift nest and hoisted it into the tree, who purchased sardines and minnows for the babies, who called the cops, FWS and MDC, who kept the Birdwatching community constantly updated on the progress, who called the government agencies and local companies which were able to help, who reasoned with the apartment manager, who are going back to do nest counts and mark the trees with nests, who are on operation nest-watch, who are preparing educational material for local residents, who have thanked and showed appreciation to the rescuers, to the local residents who are gracefully dealing with the loud squaks and yes the extra bird droppings, and to the others whose role I haven’t yet captured.  

And, finally, thank you to the two kind gentlemen who were cutting the trees.  They stopped cutting, heard us out, called the apartment manager, and showed us where the down nest was. They didn’t have such a great day at work either.  

I’m so glad we have such a great local network of bird watchers and care givers.

Local activism in action (and those willing to help) saved a whole community of rare and beautiful birds who are part of our ecosystem.  

We are all connected.  


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