I visited the heron/egret rookery Sat eve from 7-8:30.  There was a lot of activity, with birds coming in to roost the whole time we were there.  Most of them were little blues—we estimated about 70, including a couple of chicks in the nest.  I have never seen so many little blues in one place.  At one point, as we were leaving, something must have startled them and approx. 50 birds rose up out of the trees and then settled down again.


Here’s the link to my ebird list with photos.

We noted that many of the trees (ashes?) were marked for removal, which usually does not happen in summer, but the site may not be suitable for a rookery next year.  I spoke with a resident who said that this was a first for the “big birds”.  We were speculating as to why the birds chose this area—flooding in other areas, density of the trees?  I’d be interested to hear any ideas you all might have and please respond on list so that everyone can be in on the conversation!


Maureen Thomas-Murphy

St Louis

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