Sorry we couldn't be at the survey, but it sounds like everyone did a fabulous job.  We had come to similar conclusions on our own doing our own informal survey.  

Please be sure to add to the survey that there was a Snowy Egret nest with nestlings being fed by a parent on the Westminster property, as well as one Black-crowned Night-Heron nest with nestlings on the property.  Obviously there were more nests for these two species, but these two nests definitely had nestlings.   (Thanks Kim for pointing them out this evening!)  

By the way, the Black-crowned Night-Heron chicks were definitely darkish and bigger billed compared to the Little Blue Heron and Snowy Egret chicks present all in the same tree.  

We are convinced the rescued chicks that are now at Wild Bird Rehabilitation are not Black-crowned Night-Heron chicks.  We are 99.9% positive after seeing these BCNH chicks this evening and the Snowy Egret chicks that these are LBHE. 

I think consensus is headed that direction.  What a wonderful experience this has been!  

Thanks so much to all the folk involved in getting the word out about this rookery,

Andy Reago

St. Louis MO

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Sent: Sunday July 7 2019 3:42:52PM
Subject: St. Louis City Heron/Egret Rookery Survey

Twenty one of us conducted a nest survey of the Rookery located in St. Louis City this morning. We surveyed the area bordered by North Sarah, North Vandeventer, McPherson, and Washington. The Majority of the property is Westminster Place Apartments with some private abandoned property in the middle and SLU Maressa Center property on Washington.

84 Trees on the Westminster property have active nests or nest building. I don’t have the actual count, but the majority of these trees are marked for removal or trimming and a few belong to St. Louis City.

175 Active Nests and countless in progress
129 Little Blue Heron nests (11 with nestlings, 1 with fledglings)
8 Snowy Egrets
5 Great Egrets (1 with nestlings)
24 Black-crowned Night Herons
9 Unidentified

I believe and hope all of the trees with active nests were marked with yellow caution tape and the number of nests written on the tape.

St. Louis University Maressa Center on Washington has 35 Active Great Egret Nests and countless in progress. 11 Little Blue Heron nests and 9 that could not be identified.

The abandoned building at 4000 Olive next to the community garden of corn and sunflowers has 7 Little Blue Heron Nests of which one has nestlings.

With all of the activity we noted today these numbers are likely to rise daily.

This was a monumental effort completed in less than three hours with no complaints or problems from the residents.

The area between Westminster Place and McPherson lost the most trees on July 4. I can’t help but wonder how many actual nests were destroyed.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in the survey today, it was a great success!

Lisa Saffell
St. Louis
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