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American Comparative Literature Association conference, March 19-22, 2020,

Nature and Morality: (Non)Human Sexuality in Science and Literature

Recent work in the history and philosophy of science has focused on the
moral authority of nature (Against Nature, Lorraine Daston, 2019; The Moral
Authority of Nature, eds. Loraine Daston & Fernando Vidal, 2003), while
feminist and queer studies have explored the relationship between
sex(uality) and nature (The Natural History of Sexuality in Early America,
Greta LaFleur, 2018; Anthropocene Feminism, ed. Richard Grusin, 2017; Queer
Ecology, eds. Catriona Sandilands & Bruce Erickson, 2010; Nature's Body:
Gender in the Making of Modern Science, Londa Schiebinger, 2003). In this
seminar, we aim to bring together these separate discussions to investigate
the ways in which literature explores concepts of sexual morality with
reference to the natural and (non)human world. Is nature the model for
perfect morality? Is it an abject and taboo force that needs to be tamed by
human intervention? Or can we ‘queer’ thinking about moral natures by
finding different ways for sexual morality to relate to nature and the
non-human world? We are particularly interested in exploring how different
parts of nature – non-humans animals, plants, minerals, elements like water
– are mobilized to inform concepts of sexual morality. This seminar also
inquires how reference to morality and nature highlights the intersections
of sex, gender and sexuality with race, whiteness, and indigeneity. In
order to answer these questions and prompts, this seminar aims to bring
together papers focusing on different literary traditions across historical

Interested participants are welcome to email the seminar co-organizers
Joela Jacobs ([log in to unmask]), Ina Linge (
[log in to unmask]), and Katharine Mershon ([log in to unmask]) with
questions. All participants will need to submit their abstracts to the ACLA
website ( between August 31 and
September 23, 2019.

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