The site of the Painted Bunting sightings is now an "official" eBird hotspot.  This is a practice commonly done when rarities show and many people report sightings.  If we all use personal sightings with different designations to indicate where this bird is, it is difficult to search and can be confusing.

The purpose of creating this hotspot is to have all the sightings (and misses) in one easily searchable place--for now and in the future.

The name of the hotspot is Stakeout Painted Bunting, Missouri Blvd. (2019).  It is listed in the Cole County hotspot list (scroll down to number 24)

All future sightings should be input under this hotspot designation.

ALSO: IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SUBMITTED ONE OR MORE EBIRD REPORTS FOR THIS SITE, please change the location.  You can do this by:

1.  In "Manage My Checklists"  find your checklist(s) for this site.
2.  Open your checklist.  
3.  To the right of the name of the location you used is a box labeled "edit location" Click on it.
4.  When the page opens, in the "button" labeled "Find it on a Map" enter Cole.  
5.  Cole County Missouri will be the top option to come up.  Click on it.
6.  The eBird map for Cole County will come up.  Zoom in to the red marker that shows "Stakeout Painted Bunting, Missouri Blvd. (2019) in the    
    "Chosen Location" box on the right, just above "Continue"
7.  Click on "Continue" and the new hotspot location will replace your old personal location designation.

Edge Wade
ASM Conservation Partnership Coordinator
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