I'm going to see some family in Oklahoma this week, and I'm looking for a
place to visit for birds and other wildlife and scenery around the
northeastern part of OK (close to Cherokee County) or perhaps more likely
somewhere between there and Columbia on the way back.

Initially, I was looking forward to visiting Sequoyah NWR, but currently
it's closed due to flooding, like so many other wildlife refuges across the
Midwest right now.

There are different routes that we could take before we exit the interstate
around Joplin:

1. Go through Jeff City and the Lake of the Ozarks to access I-44 West to
drive to Joplin

2. Take I-70 W until the Highway 65 exit at the Marshall Junction and drive
through Sedalia, Warsaw, and El Dorado Springs and then taking I-49 South
to Joplin

3. Take I-70 W to the eastern KC area to eventually exit to I-49 S towards

I've considered Four Rivers and Schell-Osage Conservation Areas, but I
don't know if either of those places are or will be open.

Advice would be greatly appreciated.

-Josh M
Columbia, MO

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