Twelve of us got together at 7:00 on June 1, a fine clear morning, and
surveyed the birds of Busch CA under delightful conditions. Most of the
small birds were in full song and busy on their nesting territories,
including Yellow-billed Cuckoos (total 13), Acadian Flycatchers (11),
Bell's Vireos, Gray Catbirds, Kentucky Warblers, American Redstarts,
Yellow-breasted Chats, Field Sparrows, and many more. A few species were
quieter or in unexpectedly smaller numbers (Great Crested Flycatcher, Blue
Jay), but overall it was a morning full of activity. We had no unusual
species for the date or the area, but we were pleased to find a
never-guaranteed Mississippi Kite and Pine Warbler.

Our total list of 76 species, with some photos, is here: It has already been shared
directly with those I know of who have an eBird account; if I missed
anyone, please let me know. The Comments section mentions the 15 species of
butterflies (and one damselfly) that we noticed along the way.

This was a very nice conclusion for this year's Birdathon, and we expect to
hold that event again in May 2020. Our thanks to all who took part or
simply supported it!

Bill Rowe

St. Louis

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