Last night’s northbound thunderstorms must have pushed more songbirds into mid-Missouri. This morning, while it was still raining, I stood on my deck under the roof and saw a Blue-headed Vireo and heard several warbler species. I heard a Nashville, probably a Blackpoll, a couple Tennessees, a Chestnut-sided, and saw a Magnolia Warbler after hearing at least one. CSWA (“very-very-very-pleased-to-meetcha!”) and MAWA (“weeda-weeda-weedio!”) are FOS for me. While all of these species are expected here this month, I just thought I’d share my experience, and I was wondering if anyone else in this region also had a similar morning.

What I had not expected was an Indigo Bunting in my backyard. Although they are now very abundant elsewhere around here, I am surrounded by suburbs and never find them in my neighborhood. So, this is a rare sighting for my yard. I think I caught a glimpse of one before, in my backyard several years ago. I heard him singing in the rain for a while and then I spotted him perched by some honeysuckle for a moment.

After lunch, I brought my binoculars when I went out to walk my dog, which turned out to be good thinking as I saw a couple of Mississippi Kites circling above (another FOS species).

Josh Mosteller
Boone County

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