Hey Steve and anyone else struggling with historic locations,

Submitting historical bird lists into eBird is definitely hard the first
time, but it generally doesn't have to be as difficult as people make it
out to be. You have a Gambel's Quail around Phoenix, so to make a checklist
for it you will open the map on the app and zoom out until you see the
state you want to make the list and then zoom in to that area on the map
(to a place as close as you are comfortable with the sighting) and make a
personal location. You have to be really zoomed in to make the location,
probably close enough that you can only see about a mile width on the
screen. I strongly recommend when you make the personal location to rename
it; it will initially come up with GPS coordinates, but you can delete that
name and type in something like "Historical Entry - Not Exact Location" to
avoid people thinking that you saw a species somewhere that you may not
have actually seen it.  Try to at least be in the right habitat and county
for the eBird statistics, but if you do not know then just try to get it as
close as you are able. As long as the species is not rare in that location
at that time the reviewer probably will not even look at the report.

I have only had one real issue submitting historical lists and that was
submitting a Cinnamon Teal near Salt Lake City. The reviewer asked if I
really saw it in Pond A and not Pond B, which seemed strange at the time,
but he explained that the ponds were very different in terms of salinity
and resulting habitat. The reviewer was not mean about and I agreed that he
was probably right and I just moved my location half a mile north. eBird
reviewers have to deal with a lot, so if they do reach out to you about a
report please try to be open minded if they disagree with you. It is their
responsibility to maintain a high quality for the database.

If this doesn't really answer your questions feel free to email/call me and
I can try to help you figure it out.

Good luck,

*Tommy J Goodwin Jr., E.I. *
*St. Charles, MO*
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On Fri, May 10, 2019 at 3:09 PM sgg.bluesfan <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Hello everyone.  Recently my software crashed at home losing years of
> information but the good news is that many of my notes over the last
> several years were not entered yet so I decided to enter them into ebird.
> I have added a few recent lists with specific locations that are hot spots
> on ebird but started to work on older lists.  When I travel and enter
> another state I jot down birds I see with at best a note of the state and
> highway or sometimes while stopped what I find.  Many of my notes are not
> from a hotspot but just simply the date and state.  Some are from a
> specific park or hot spot but many are not.
> I am having trouble on the app simply adding a new checklist that simply
> has only the state although sometimes also the city.  But the app is
> forcing me to use the map and either select a preexisting hotspot in the
> general area or it defaults to Missouri.
> I tried entering one from Phoenix Arizona this morning at it put my
> entries in a location called Phoeniz Arizona located in Missouri.  Dont
> think anyone wants my Gambels Quail post showing for Missouri...  I since
> got that deleted...
> Anyway, I know many of you have converted to ebird entries and any help
> you can give would be greatly appreciated.  A personal reply is fine but if
> the information my be helpful to all feel free to share.
> Thanks!
> Steve Griffaw
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> Jefferson City MO
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