I located a Swainson’s Warbler at 3:20 PM at Grindstone NA. I parked in the lot off Capen Park Dr., took the main trail across the bridge, kept to the right and walked about 50 yards and heard it singing loudly in the woods to the left. As previously reported by John, it was very responsive to a Swainson’s song recording (I use Merlin Bird ID) and came in close. I had time to download a voice recording app on my phone and get a decent quality 45-second recording of it singing just overhead. A very cool experience adding this lifer to my list. Thanks, John, for sharing about your sighting.

Kevyn Wiskirchen
Jefferson City, MO
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Subject: Swainson’s Warbler at Grindstone nature area Columbia

Cara Joos and I went to relocate the hooded warbler at Grindstone NA and it it turned out to be a Swainsons Warbler. Close looks very  good recording’s.  Rusty cap, dark eyeline pale beige under parts large bill.

Bird did not respond to Hooded song but responded aggressively to My recording from Saturday and to the Swainsons song in Sibley app.

 Bird is in the same general area as previous days; north end of isolated hill in center of the area. Bird is currently north of the cross trail that passes on the north side of the hill. Loud song can be heard at some distance.
John Besser
Columbia MO
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