This evening I came home to a light rain. Decided to just bird my yard. At
the back of my yard, along the MKT trail I phished and up popped a Bewick's
wren. His coloring was much duller than a Carolina and his profile appeared
longer. He had a plain white breast, the white eye stripe and as he flitted
around in the dead tree limb the barring on his outer tail feathers was
very obvious. As I watched he climbed all around the dead branch eventually
working his way into a cavity.

It’s been a fun spring. I’ve had a Yellow-throated warbler coming to my
suet, a Eastern Towhee singing most of the day, a white-eyed vireo hanging
out, a Lincoln’s Sparrow making appearances every few days on my patio and
a Pine Sisken  at the feeders today. Can’t wait to see who drops by next.

I live at the 6 mile marker of the MKT trail which is just west of the
Forum nature Area  parking lot. Good luck if you try for the Bewick’s. .

Enjoy the migration!

Lottie Bushmann
Columbia, Mo

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