After a chilly 37F morning, the sunny day quickly warmed to near 70F.  Lots of birds were singing, including the house wrens that just arrived a couple days ago.

I managed to capture photos of several birds singing, which is always a fun challenge.  

In looking at the photos, the most interesting observation is that the Brown Thrasher, with one of the most complex and beautiful songs, seems to barely open its bill.  In contrast, almost every other bird Iíve photographed singing over the years, throws back their head, opens their bill and lets go with their song.  

Photos can be found at: and includes; house wren, brown thrasher, meadowlark, chipping sparrow, cardinal, common grackle and red-winged blackbird.

The oak trees are just starting to put out their leaves - getting ready to support migrants - whereas the serviceberry and redbud are in full bloom.  Still waiting for the arrival of warblers, orioles, grosbeaks, catbirds and hummingbirds in our yard.  

Such a fun time of the year!

Dan Getman, Kirksville in northeast MO

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