Just had an osprey fly over the neighborhood.  There’s several nearby ponds that they seem to fish at for a couple days before continuing on.

I heard an Eastern Towhee today, but haven’t seen it yet.

Looks like we’ll have 3 nestboxes with tree swallows and 3 with bluebirds this year.

Last Friday I counted at least 35 goldfinch at our 5 nyjer feeders.  The last couple years, I’ve gotten more intentional about keeping it fresh and cleaning out the tray regularly.  I’m hoping to attract indigo buntings, which often feed with a goldfinch flock.  Last year we had 3 indigo buntings that visited for a couple days, but didn’t stay.  This year I’ll also add millet, which they prefer.  Maybe this year they’ll stay!

For the last couple days, we’ve had at least 20 chipping sparrows, mostly feeding on the ground under the feeders, but this year many have been feeding at the nyjer feeders, which I haven’t seen before.  We have quite a few of them that stay for the summer and nest in our Austrian pines that line the driveway.

Some of the oaks and red buckeye are just starting to leaf out - the warblers and hummingbirds should arrive within the next 2 weeks.  

Dan Getman, Kirksville in northeast MO

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