With the weather forecast not looking great, our best day this week has been Thursday, 4/11.  Eight warbler species.  Heavy hitter today was 90 Yellow-rump Warblers.  Also in the mix was 13 Yellow-throated, 25 Black & White, 26 Northern Parula, 9 Pine warblers, and 2 Louisiana Waterthrush.  New for the year were 2 Black-throated Green and 3 American Redstarts.

First of the year Swainson's Thrush and White-eyed Vireo.  First Hermit thrush we've seen in a long time.

Eight warbler species again on Friday, 4/12.  Yellow-rumps again the leader with 43.  Also 17 Northern Parula, 11 Yellow-throated, 17 Black & White, 1 American Redstart, 1 Louisiana Waterthrush, 2 Pine warblers, and first of the year surprise of 2 Hooded Warblers.  The first Hooded was at campsite 18, working the bottom of the ridge behind the campsite on the ground.  Not a usual place for us to find a Hooded.  We thought the chip call we were hearing would be a Waterthrush, but no.

Other first of the year birds were Indigo Bunting, Tree Swallows, and Eastern Kingbird.  Nice to see the two bright male buntings, neither of which did any singing.

Finished the evening watching a group of Springfield Cardinals. (the baseball version)

Today, Saturday, 4/13, slow day.  Cool, overcast morning, rainy afternoon.  Very little bird song.  Four warbler species, including 7 Northern Parula, 6 Black & White, 3 Yellow-throated, and 34 Yellow-rump.  New for the year were two Broad-wing Hawks.

Tomorrow might be a wash out.  Time will tell.

Jerry & Margie Williams
Republic, Greene County, Missouri

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