In guiding a visiting birder this morning, I took him first to the Blue
Grosbeak Trail, where we found Henslow's Sparrows in the very large grassy
field on the west side of the trail -- the same field they were in last
year. It was hard to guess how many singing birds we actually had, due
partly to their ventriloqual ability; I held my estimate to 8, but that is
probably low, and furthermore we covered only a relatively small part of
the field. At first light they seemed to be singing from hiding places low
down in the grass, but once the sun was up, a couple of them jumped up for
excellent views.

At Lost Valley we had fine looks at Yellow-throated Warbler and Louisiana
Waterthrush, and then down in the Weldon Spring CA bottoms past the Katy
Trail, there was a single Little Blue Heron and, oddly, a Bonaparte's Gull
in some remnant floodwater. Over the Katy Trail ridge, among the Red-tails
and TV's, we eventually saw two Black Vultures, which I seldom miss down
there these days if I spend enough time.

Finally, a quick look along the Fallen Oak Trail at Busch gave us a nice
surprise: male and female Pine Warblers foraging in the sunlight ON the
asphalt path, along with Chipping Sparrows and even another Yellow-throated
Warbler. I've never seen that before. Nice morning!

Bill Rowe

St. Louis

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