Yes, there is an app for this too, but I posted to cover all the questions
I get from folks who were unable to find the maps where they used to be,
and probably don't use apps or haven't started using apps, or don't want to
run out of space for all their photos with too many apps. But yes, if you
are an apt app-ster, that would be for you.


On Mon, Mar 11, 2019 at 2:16 PM Jim Gast <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> They are also available on MDC's MO Outdoors app for smart phones.
> On 03/11/2019 10:45, Robert Jacobs wrote:
> If you are having trouble finding the old MDC conservation area maps such
> as this one:
> They are still all available, but with much more information and many GIS
> layers if you want to use the additional tools.
> Below is the easiest way I know that will get you to any MDC conservation
> area map in four easy steps.
> 1) Google search for:   "Missouri Department of Conservation"
> This will take you to the main MDC website:
> 2) Click on Discover Nature among the top row of buttons and choose
> "Places to Go"
> In the drop down box under Places to Go choose the one titled "Find Places
> to Go in MO" and type the area name into the Area Name box and click GO in
> the bottom of the box.
> 3) This new page is titled Find Great Places. Click on the teardrop icon
> that is on the map. It should be on the place you selected.
> In the small window that opens up Click on the blue clickable (hypertext)
> text in the upper right hand corner.
> This takes you to the area information page for your selected area.
> 4) From the Information Page for your selected area Scroll down to the
> third blue ribbon bar and click on the Area Map (pdf) to go to the map for
> the area. This is the old set of maps that used to be easy to find.
> Brad Jacobs
> Boone Co
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