Hello all,

Happy New Year! Thank you to everyone that understood and did not trespass to see the Northern Shrike I found at BK Leach while scouting for the Canon CBC. Its the first time we've seen a bird before/on the count that would be of some interest but was in area off limits to the public. Hopefully next years interesting bird will be in an open to the public area....This is the last day of duck season in the northern zone so tmrw (1/2) the area should be open for the public to enter.

For those interested in finding it (and I'm hoping its still around), I initially spotted the bird in the original (Sherman) tract of Leach. When entering the area you will eventually come to a T intersection. Take a left. After only a few hundred yard before the road takes a sharp right turn towards the river (there is a parking lot on the left there as well). It was about halfway between the turn and the end of the road. 

From my understanding others found it in the same general area but closer to the sharp right turn and parking lot. There was a group that looked later in the day on the count and did not see it. We also didn't see it the next day, so it does seem to be pretty good at hiding from time to time. However it did seem pretty content in the general area. If you look for it, good luck!! 

Eric Schuette
Denver CO/Troy MO

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