On a beautiful day for January (temps 40-50 degrees, sunshine and only a
mild breeze) the group of about 22 gathered at Teal Pond.  The best birds at
the pond were a single male Hooded Merganser and 2 Herring Gulls.


With the plan to bird with that bright sun at our backs we drove to the dam.
That served as only a turnaround as there wasn't anything there another than
a couple of Ring-billed Gulls.  We drove back on Riverlands Way and stopped
at a vantage point to scan the swans.  I put the number at 175 Trumpeter
Swans but I wasn't able to find any Tundras.  The swans were actively
feeding and often had a ring of mud on the ends of their bills.  The group
enjoyed watching a Bald Eagle sitting on a stationary snag as another one
floated past it on a log.  


Moving closer to Heron Pond we worked that body of water.  It held a large
number of Greater White-Fronted Geese and Mallards with lesser numbers of
Snow Geese (both phases) Northern Pintail, Green-winged Teal, Canvasback and
Redheads.  A Red-tailed Hawk was spotted soaring then perched in the
distance.  Walking over to the Ellis Bay side we had better views of
Bufflehead and a few Ruddy Ducks.


Moving to the parking lot with the pavilion and vault toilets we scoped
Common Mergansers and a single Common Goldeneye.


The Audubon Center was a zoo of people as our trip coincided with the Alton
Audubon Eagle Ice Festival and it as a very nice day which prompted many
people to come to the center.  We had to park about a quarter of a mile away
but the walk on the sidewalk added White-crowned, Song and Eurasian Tree
Sparrows.  A Kestrel zoomed by as we walked near the water.


A few of us drove to Lincoln Shields, which was a waste of time as only
Ring-billed Gulls were there.


Email me if you want this shared to you.


Before the official start time Dick P. reported a Tundra Swan and I saw a
Northern Harrier, but neither are on the checklist.  And a few people
reported a Great Blue Heron well after it was seen by them (not me) so that
also isn't on the checklist.


Happy New Birding Year,


Mike Grant

Chesterfield, MO

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Subject: St. Louis Audubon Society Trip at Riverlands Migratory Bird
Sanctuary, St. Charles County, MO


WHAT:     St. Louis area field trip, half-day (9:00-12:00), sponsored by St.
Louis Audubon Society.  

WHEN:     Saturday, January 5, 2017

WHERE:   Meet at Teal Pond parking lot, Riverlands.  From the north side of
I-270 in north St. Louis County, take MO-367 north (signed to Alton).  Cross
the Missouri River and continue past the stoplight at MO-94.  Just before
you reach the bridge over the Mississippi to Alton, turn right at the gas
station. Go straight past the station to the intersection with Wise Road,
just beyond the pond; turn right there and go a short distance to the
parking lot.

MEETING TIME:   9:00 a.m.   If you arrive earlier you likely will see more

TENTATIVE PLAN:   The itinerary will be flexible.  We will consolidate cars
as best we can and proceed to a series of vantage points around the
Riverlands area.   

WHO:   Everyone is welcome, whether a member of St. Louis Audubon Society or
not.   eBird shows 53 species reported at Riverlands on Jan 1 so it will be
a great place to kick start your 2019 list.

CONDITIONS:  Please dress appropriately for whatever weather is predicted.
Remember that in the winter it always feels colder at Riverlands.



LEADERS:  Mike Grant and possibly one or two other members of the leader



Mike Grant

Chesterfield, MO

iPhone 314-779-8032

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