We've been birding hard enough that evenings were full with bird listing, supper and bed. No time for fluff or reporting.

Weather was uncooperative on the first for our run upriver to Salineno for our sit.  Wind and chill contributed to another year of missing the Morrelet's (formerly White-collared) Seedeaters near the boat ramp.  Yard sitting was pleasant, but not as productive as we're used to.  No Hooded Oriole has been coming in and the lone Audubon's Oriole failed to show while we were there (a.m. and p.m.).  No Clay-colored Thrush, no Curved-billed Thrasher, no Lincoln's Sparrow.  Still, this is the best spot in Texas to sit and watch birds.

We skipped the Salineno dump road because the wind was so strong all sparrows were hunkered.  The only roadrunner we've seen was at Falcon Dam State Park--sitting all puffed up and miserable in a tree.  The county park was as barren as I've ever seen it.  I'll take drizzle over high wind for birding success.

On the second we returned to Estero Llano State Park and found Pine and Tennessee Warblers, but not the Tropical Parula.  After a lunch at Nana's we cruised Hwy. 100 searching for Aplomado Falcon.  No luck.  The wind was still a big negative factor.

The route home was on TX 48 from Port Isabel to Brownsville, with the Shrimp Basin/Zapata fishing area on the way.  There we had a pretty good mix including American Oystercatcher, Ruddy Turnstone, avocets, stilts, Long-billed Curlew, and terns.

Boca Chica Beach on the 3rd was marginal due to the wind.  We had Eared Grebes in the rough surf with one dolphin.  The tern roost at the north end had Caspian and Royals and Forster's.

Cruising TX 100 for falcons was no better than before.

Still, we were racking up good sightings of many species and spirits were high.

Falling asleep now with visions of Green Jays and Cinnamon Teal crowding into a tired brain.

Bodacious birding for 2019 to all.  More later.

Edge Wade
Brownsville, TX
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