Dear David,

If you are still in Edinburgh or going back, Rose Street--parallel to Princes Street--is lined with pubs. A pub crawl on Rose Street is a major undertaking.

And places like the Abbotsford turn up in Rebus novels. I read them with special pleasure since I almost always know where Rebus is. If you like mysteries, and especially Scottish ones, there are other major writers, like Val McDermid and Denise Mina.

In the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, there is also a room of 20th-century women of Scotland who have done great things.

It is interesting that Eliot read mysteries. So did MacDiarmid.

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Dear Nancy

Many thanks for all this most interesting commentary.

Writers and Edinburgh’s pubs seem to have an affinity - Ian Rankin the crime writer graces the National Portrait Gallery cafe:

- it’s a truly unique place to visit ( and admission costs not a single cent, either!)



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Dear David,
I'm delighted that you sent this. I know Sandy Moffat's work and have met him, and a long time ago I interviewed MacDiarmid (a year before he died) and  MacCaig. I've met Alan Bold also and heard Sorley MacLean read his poems.

If anyone is interested in more, the interviews are in my edition, Hugh MacDiarmid: Man and Poet (Edinburgh UP and National Poetry Foundation [co-published]). It also includes interviews I did with Seamus Heaney and John Montague.

Scotland produced an amazing set of writers in what is called the Scottish Renaissance. This says "the second half of the twentieth century," but most of these were writing in the first half. MacDiarmid's first Scots lyric, "The Watergaw," came out in 1922, also an Annus Mirabilis in Scotland. His great long poem, A Drunk Man Looks at the Thistle, was published in 1926.

Liz Lochhead should have been in here also. She is still writing. She was Scotland's second Makar, and Jackie Kay is the current one. We would say "poet laureate." Liz and Jackie and Carol Ann Duffy--currently Britain's poet laureate--all grew up in Glasgow.

I hope many readers try some of this work.

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Mainly for possible Nancy Gish interest in case not already noted

- observed today in Edinburgh National Portrait Gallery

- interesting to see MacKay Brown there from Orkney : think this Stella Cartwright was the love of his life despite being much younger than he was and being destroyed by the demon drink, with which he was an enthusiast but managed not to let it take him over.