*CfP: Media and Migration*

43rd Annual Conference of The German Studies Association

Oct. 3 – 6, 2019, Portland, OR

Organizers: Mert Bahadir Reisoğlu & Jocelyn Aksin

In the introduction to their edited volume on *Turkish German Cinema in the
New Millennium* (2012), Sabine Hake and Barbara Mennel write that film
professionals “create new modes of production, develop innovative ways of
seeing, and inspire new aesthetic styles and sensibilities” (4-5).  At the
same time, their volume shows a keen awareness of the problems inherent in
the use of ethnicity as a means of categorization, noting that Turkish
German filmmakers and actors “at once mediate, resist, and illuminate the
dynamic and fluid positions marked by the qualifiers ‘Turkish’ and
‘German’” (2). Extending our discussion beyond film, the organizers invite
proposals for presentations broadly devoted to the study of media and
migration in the context of German studies. We welcome contributions from a
wide range of disciplines including literature, history, theater,
journalism, film studies, music, and visual arts in relation to the theme
of migration in Germany.

We are particularly interested in asking how authors/artists/filmmakers
utilize media to intervene in, respond to, or otherwise shape discussions
of migration and cultural identity; how do they work with or resist the
conventions and institutions associated with the medium they work in; and
how does intermediality figure in their works if they work across different
media? What critical tools or frameworks exist to engage with literary and
non-literary works that thematize migration; and conversely, what critical
blind spots are revealed, and what strategies can be developed to address
them? How can these critical frameworks developed across different
disciplines ranging from literary studies to media history contribute to
each other for a comprehensive understanding of media and migration in

Please submit a 250-word abstract by February 1, 2019 to both panel
organizers: Mert Bahadir Reisoğlu, Koç University ([log in to unmask]) and
Jocelyn Aksin, University of North Carolina Greensboro ([log in to unmask]).

Jocelyn Aksin, Ph.D
Lecturer of German
University of North Carolina at Greensboro
MHRA 1131
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