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eBird Report - 1303–1427 County Highway 333, Benton US-MO (37.1053,-89.5043), Dec 22, 2018

1303–1427 County Highway 333, Benton US-MO (37.1053,-89.5043), Scott, Missouri, US
Dec 22, 2018 12:40 PM - 1:10 PM
Protocol: Stationary
9 species

Canada Goose  75
Canvasback  2
Greater Scaup  2
Lesser Scaup  3
Long-tailed Duck  1     Clearly an Adult male. Brown patch around eye. Two tone short bill. Black and White body.  Diving with GoldenEye and bufflehead on the far East side of the lake.   Best seen from the gates on the south county road. Pictures attached
Bufflehead  2
Common Goldeneye  9
Great Blue Heron  1
Northern Harrier  1

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