Jon Rapp and I paid a short visit to Bradford Farm this afternoon about an hour before desk, primarily to look for short-eared owls. 

We started at the headquarters area, south of the east lake, where we quickly found one of the recurring Eurasian tree sparrows. As we were about to leave, two blackbirds flew in and gave good views. Birds had iridescent plumage and yellow eyes reminiscent of common grackle, but bill was too small, legs were too short, and tail was too short and fan-shaped. Two birds were feeding on the ground on waste corn with mixed flock of sparrows, including the ETSP. Both were probably BRBL, but one flew off before I could get good looks.  Jon should be able to provide photos to document both species.

Two short-eared owls were flying when we reached the west side of the area, along with two or three northern harriers. Unfortunately, by then it was too late for photography, and the

John Besser
Columbia MO
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