In November I attended the Offshore Alert Conference in London as a 
speaker. (Offshore Alert, based in Miami, deals with the offshore tax 
haven system.)

I met someone there with an interesting story which I do not have time 
to dig into.

But it might be useful to another journalist either as a story itself or 
as part of a larger story about how offshore companies cheat the heirs 
of people whose assets they control. Remember the late 90s story of the 
Swiss banks attempting to keep the assets of people who stashed them 
there and then survived or died in the Holocaust? Still going on.

I asked him to write a summary of his story, which is below. If you are 
interested, contact him at Charlie Pycraft <[log in to unmask]>

My name is Charles Pycraft <>and I 
have an Offshore Story the moral of which is that if you wish to bring 
money onshore as a regular taxpayer, it is virtually impossible! Even 
when pursuing every legal, political, journalistic, investigative and 
financial angle available to you.

As a London based press card carrying National Union of Journalists 
media photographer and member of the Frontline Club I am theoretically 
well suited to pursuing this kind of investigation. From running a 
photographic studio in Shoreditch until 2000, before becoming a renowned 
paparazzi photographer from 1999-2013, including working for the News of 
the World. Starting work at the Big Pictures at the end of the 1990’s 
and media boom and setting up our own agency YD Image. My pictures 
include the early chronicling of Prince Harry’s rise to notoriety as the 
drinking, raving, womanising and street fighting Prince. Sienna Miller 
and Orlando Bloom’s intimate moment at a polo match, Mickey Rourke 
stealing another man’s girlfriend, footballer Kierion Dyer’s rape alibi, 
the comedy terrorist’s security breach at Prince William’s 21st at 
Windsor Castle, Timberlake’s errant lady, the king of spin Alastair 
Campbell’s date with Saddam and Lindsay Lohan’s internet viral meme 

My father, Carl Pycraft, who died in 2013 was a UK based property 
developer. He left a regular will with an equitable split between 4 
siblings. What was less regular was my father’s Swiss Riswal Trust in 
Switzerland that held money at the Luzerner Kantonalbank bank and 
property assets in El Cuyo, Yucatan, Mexico. "Modern Day Grave Robber" 
Lance Dorian Ranger, an English registered lawyer and Attendus Trustee 
based in Zug, Switzerland was his Trustee. Lance Ranger comes up in a 
Panama Paper search and the property holding company Silvercliffe 
International Inc was set up by Mossack Fonseca in Panama. On 2nd August 
2005 Mr Ranger wrote to my father stating “It might well be that it 
would be best for your family’s part of Desarrolos Carlos to be held by 
Silvercliffe and the rest to be held by Attendus as nominees for the 
various parties. This of course would further insulate your own family’s 
involvement.” Why would he advise and say this to my father other than 
to make it easy to defraud his children at a latter date? This is an 
extract from a letter for probate for the HMRC tax office, “The shares 
of Silvercliffe were previously held by Carl Pycraft, partly for himself 
and partly for several third parties. Mr Pycraft transferred all of the 
*Silvercliffe shares to which he was beneficially entitled on the 11^th 
December 2012, to the trustees of a multi-family trust. The trustees 
thereof have subsequently transferred the beneficial ownership of those 
shares to the trustees of a single family trust-The Riswal Trust 
(“Riswal”). It is expected that the discretionary beneficiaries of 
Riswal will include the issue of Mr Pycraft.” Very opaque language! *

*Lance Ranger *has avoided any form of communication with me and not 
payed out money held on account from the sale of a property called San 
Miguel near Tulum in Mexico. There is also approximately $12 million in 
El Cuyo, Yucatan, Mexican land assets help on Trust of which I have a 
beneficial interest. Mr Ranger has the Share Certificates and Trust 
Deed. My father was introduced to Mr Ranger around 2000 by Harry Ball a 
chartered accountant who was based in Guernsey who died in December 
2016. There are no investment restrictions on foreign-owned Mexican 
corporations aimed at buying and developing property. Mexican 
corporations require a minimum of two associates or shareholders. Both 
shareholders can be foreigners, and there is no need to have a Mexican 
partner. My father also wrote a letter in 1998 giving me a 2% net 
commission for helping sell both the properties. Our probate lawyer 
Michael Tulloch at Monro Wright & Wasbrough stated, "As to the 
commission agreement, this appears to be binding on your father's 
estate; see the words "I or the trustee of my Estate”.”

After my brother and brother-in-law got nowhere after 4 years dealing 
with the Mexican property side or with Lance Ranger, even after 
instructing a London based Mexican lawyer to ask for a definitive 
update. I decided to do a blog in spring 2017. This blog exposed Lance 
Ranger’s wrongdoings and through this an Indian businessman contacted me 
who has also been defrauded for $10’s millions. In typical style 
Offshore style Lance plays divide and rule with family members or 
business partners to find the weakest moral link to further enrich 
himself. In 2015, Mishcon de Reya has been lead a multi-jurisdictional 
team of lawyers acting for clients Storca Intertrans Corp and Evgeny 
Mulyukov in various proceedings, including substantial proceedings 
before the BVI Commercial Court and the Court of Appeal of the Eastern 
Caribbean Supreme Court against Lance Ranger, Attendus and recovered 
$350 million that he tried to misappropriate.

Xabier De Beristain Humphrey is the lawyer dealing with the land in 
Mexico and on retainer to get compensation for the land situation in 
Mexico. Tim Lawson-Cruttenden is on retainer to close the Trust 
agreement with my family and assist the SRA with any questions regarding 
Lance Ranger. There is a file on my situation that has been run by HMRC, 
the SRA, Mauritius FSC, the  FBI, NCA, Swiss FINMA and Swiss SRO(VNF), 
(As a financial intermediary in the non-banking sector, ATTENDUS Trust 
Company AG is affiliated to an SRO. This SRO is VQF. Reporting the 
situation to the Luzerner Kantonalbank just reverts you back to the 
Swiss secrecy get out clause and back to the Trustee.

There's a lot more, but I thought this would be enough to get the 
interest of anyone wanting to look into this.


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