We had a few Cackling Geese at Carondelet Park today.  Cackling Geese have four subspecies. One of the Cackling subspecies is Richardson's, which is what I think we most often see here in the St. Louis area. (Someone please correct us if we are wrong.)  One of the two at Carondelet seemed to definitely be a Richardson's, but the other might have been a Taverner's. Of course, we are most likely wrong on that account, since the range of Taverner's doesn't usually come anywhere near here, but check out the videos and see what you think.  Let us know. 

1.  Cackling Goose (possible Taverner's) - with Canada Geese


2.  Cackling Geese (Richardson's and possible Taverner's) together with Canada Geese


Andy Reago

St. Louis MO

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