Yesterday I observed and photographed a Snow Bunting on the jetty at the Marina in Long Branch Lake SP. Hundreds of Ring-billed Gulls are using the jetty to roost on. I was taking pictures of the gulls from the 4X4 inch post on the elbow of the jetty and noticed a small bird in the lower left edge of the viewer on my camera. I looked at the bird through my binocs and saw it was a SNBU, which I had in my mind could show up any day. So, I lucked into the bird, and didn't move forward to get any better photos as it would fly off the jetty as has happened before. The best looks are through a scope from the post. Just stand and watch until you see the SNBU creeping around in the blond colored grass clumps on the top of the jetty. It may take 10-20 minutes to see some motion.

Brad Jacobs
Columbia, MO

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