While on an evening boat ride leaf peeping I, along with everyone else in the boat, heard a Common Loon at 6:00 pm last night.  We are confident it was on the Cooper County side of Overton Bottoms CA and right around where the big transmission lines cross the river just downriver from the I-70 bridge.  You can get to Overton Bottoms CA by taking 179 off I-70 (179 exit is about 3 miles west of the I-70 bridge that crosses over from Boone to Cooper county).  Turn left on Cumberland Church Rd, it’s just before you get to the transmission substations and about 1.5 miles from I-70.      I have no idea if it will still be there and we heard it 3 times while floating downriver, in the same spot (transmission line area).


Lori Turner

Columbia, MO

Boone County

Boone Electric
Boone Electric

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