Riverlands water levels are falling ahead of the expected heavy rains I suppose. 
Mudflats are being exposed, rather rapidly tonight.
I birded the last hour before sunset and then settled in to watch the full roost. 

ManyRBGU of course but I saw several first winter herring gulls.  At least 4 Franklin gulls. 

I had one juvenile bird that we formerly would  call Thayer’s. So I wanted to let everyone know that we have an Iceland Gull in the roost.   The bird was the ‘soft’ (versus the rough herring look) brown. With dark contrasting primaries. It seemed round headed, slightly smaller. Bill black. 

Also present was a miniature gull- small enough that I thought it was a plover initially- but in flight it was obviously a gull. Dark outer primaries, white everywhere. When it landed - next to an obvious Franklin- it was much smaller and perhaps smudgy on the head.  

I left when full dark. I saw the birds repeatedly over a period from 5:55-6:25.

Very many ducks- check the ‘Wood Stork’ corner.  Overall maybe 1000 ducks. 
Shorebirds were found in the wood stork flock and in Ellis between heron pond and the dam. 

I always enjoy the full roost. 

St. Charles Mo

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