There's this marvelous newly renovated bird habitat at Carondelet Park that needs 34 trees/shrubs planted this Saturday morning at 8am.  We are short on people and could really use your help! 

Come see this new bird sanctuary with it's lovely paths, benches and spectacular water feature - and help us add the last key element, the trees/shrubs.
When: We will start planting at 8AM this Saturday, 10/27/18 Where: Corner of Holly Hills Dr and Grand Dr - walk the path from there to the "bird habitat" (aka bear pit) which is well marked due to the great signage folks achieved for the park. How: Brings shovels, spades, large trash cans (for mulch), a truck if you have one and any other gardening tools of your choice (gloves, etc.). What: We'll be planting about 34 trees/shrubs in the new BIRD HABITAT area of the park, then watering them and mulching them. These trees will be the final addition to a wonderful project that so many have contributed to, making this a dynamite place for birds to enjoy, as well as all of us! LET ME KNOW IF YOU CAN HELP. :-) If I forgot something, please message me.

Andy Reago

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St. Louis MO

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