I watched a group of a dozen Brewer's Blackbirds (6 yellow-eyed males and 6 dark-eyed females) off of Route B about one mile northwest of Kirksville this afternoon, feeding on the edge of a large flock of Cowbirds in open hayfield and pasture habitat.  The flock of BB soon congregated on a power line, affording great looks.  This is the first time that I have seen Brewer's Blackbirds in my 18 years in the Kirksville area here in Northeast Missouri.

Dan Doman
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Subject: Pine Siskins - Boone County

I looked out at my feeder shortly before noon, and thought Goldfinch?   Grabbed the binocs and had 4 Pine Siskins and my thistle seed had been out since last year.   Now I have fresh thistle seed and hoping that the Pine Siskins come back.
Kathleen Anderson, Columbia

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