My sincerest apologies for the confusing, inadequate, misleading directions to the immature Northern Shrike in Randolph Co. this morning.

To those who wish to look for this bird tomorrow:

From Huntsville, go north on Rt. C.  Turn left onto Rt. F.  Continue on Rt. F (you'll be able to see power plant stacks in the distance) to a brown MDC sign indicating Thomas Hill Reservoir on the left side of F.  Turn RIGHT at the sign onto a gravel road heading north.  In a short distance there is a narrow gravel road off the left of this road.  The narrow road probably doesn't show on maps, as it was just a dirt two-track until a couple of years ago.

This narrow road is at the top of a rise.  It leads down toward a small pond and bends right to loop back to the main gravel road.  It hits the main gravel road again just short of the railroad tracks.  An old piece of yellow machinery is a bit further along the main road, north of the track crossing.

The brown, narrow-masked, barred below immature was sitting atop a tree on the west side of the short loop this morning.

This is the same vicinity in which an adult Northern Shrike frequented the power lines about where the yellow machinery is several years ago.

Check the area from the south end of the narrow road as it comes off the main road to the yellow machine.  This is open country--just what NSHRs like.

Bodacious birding!

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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