Please Help The New Bird Habitat At Carondelet Park - People Needed -
Wonderful Project!

	The new bird habitat at Carondelet Park is lacking a number of trees
and shrubs due to running out of funding, but my wife (Chrissy
McClarren) and I have worked out a plan. These trees and shrubs are
desperately needed in order to attract/give protection to the birds
(particularly near the water feature, which will remain useless
without these trees/shrubs) and give shade to people using this
wonderful new area. 
Guess what? The executive director of St. Louis Audubon Society, Mitch
Leachman, put together a wonderful proposal for the area of exactly
what trees/shrubs we need and where to plant them. AND we are getting
these trees/shrubs FREE from Forest Releaf of Missouri through project
CommniTree. But we need help! We are getting the trees/shrubs
Saturday, October 27, 2018 - in a little over a week. 1. We need a few
folks with trucks to help us pick up the trees on October 27, rain or
shine. 2. We need help planting, which will occur October 27 if it
doesn't rain or the next day or whenever the weather permits as soon
after we get the trees. 3. We could use help maintaining/watering
them, too, but we could cover that on our own, as we live close by.
Still, if you want to help with that, please let us know. So, please
contact me to join this wonderful project in any capacity. This needs
to happen as soon as possible to get the trees in this season, which
is the best time since new wildflower seeding happened this summer
already of this new bird habitat. If you are wondering about the
urgency and last minute-seeming request, it is because we've been
working hard to make this happen with city parks for months, but
that's not happening - for all sorts of reasons. However, city parks
gave us permission to do it ourselves, and Forest Releaf has made that
happen. So, let's make this happen, bird lovers! Please message me
your name, email, and phone number if you'd like to help. 
Again, we are definitely picking up the plants on October 27 and we
are aiming to plant Saturday October 27, but if it rains, we'll do it
Sunday, October 28. Or the next best weather day. 

I'd be glad to email a copy of what we're planting and Mitch's
proposal to anyone interested. 

	Andy Reago

	St. Louis MO

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