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//Eliot had intended to write a follow-up book of poems about dogs, but never got round to it. According to his late widow Valerie, the idea came to him following a conversation with his chauffeur, who was describing his own hound – not pedigreed but loved all the same. “He’s not what you’d call a consequential dog,” the chauffeur said. Eliot apparently loved that phrase and quickly decided to write a book of “consequential dogs”. We can only guess what his dog poems might have been like had he found the time to pen them, but with the greatest respect to the internationally revered author of The Waste Land, it’s hard to imagine him coming up with anything more energetic or enjoyable than the rhymes in this collection by Christopher Reid, produced with the blessing of the Eliot Estate and winningly illustrated by Elliot Elam.// 



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An interview with Christopher Reid 




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The book’s opening lines at this Faber page


That’s just fine. 


And if you have access, there’s a review article in The Sunday Times: 

Pooch poetry in furry follow-up to TS Eliot’s cats 



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Yes, one has to wonder what would constitute "fully connecting." The Vulcan Mind Meld? It's probably not the dog that needs pity, but the confused mind that thinks it does. The human comedy at work.


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You may not own a dog or more appropriately a dog may not own you and cannot fully grasp the connectivity.

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Well, there are far too many resonances to Eliot’s collection. I haven’t read this one on dogs. Hope this is good too in its own way.


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Thank you CR but I am not positive this new poet or poetry has the requisite understanding or empathy.  See this quoted paragraph's conclusion:

Dig deeper, however, and it becomes clear why the Eliot estate contacted him. “I did put a lot of dogs in my other poems – I hadn’t actually realised there were so many until an American journalist pointed it out,” he admits “Why were there so many? I think it’s because there’s something slightly tragic and poignant about the relationship between humans and dogs – the way that they try to greet you but you can’t completely connect.”

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In Old Possum’s footsteps 

First Macavity the cat, now Molly the mutt: the sequel TS Eliot dreamed of writing | Books | The Guardian