Well, there are far too many resonances to Eliot’s collection. I haven’t read this one on dogs. Hope this is good too in its own way.


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Thank you CR but I am not positive this new poet or poetry has the requisite understanding or empathy.  See this quoted paragraph's conclusion:

Dig deeper, however, and it becomes clear why the Eliot estate contacted him. “I did put a lot of dogs in my other poems – I hadn’t actually realised there were so many until an American journalist pointed it out,” he admits “Why were there so many? I think it’s because there’s something slightly tragic and poignant about the relationship between humans and dogs – the way that they try to greet you but you can’t completely connect.”

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In Old Possum’s footsteps 

First Macavity the cat, now Molly the mutt: the sequel TS Eliot dreamed of writing | Books | The Guardian