On Mon, 2018-10-08 at 14:23 +0000, Materer, Timothy J. wrote:
> Dear Rickard, Is it possible that you have copies of the emails from 1996-2001? 

I've got them from November 1995 through December 2001 but it is
possible that you have them too. You put them on Dropbox for me to pick
up. The best way to get them is from there if you still have them.

I have an email from Dropbox (Sat Aug  3 10:25:39 2013) that says:

From: Timothy via Dropbox

Hi there,

Timothy ([log in to unmask]) wants to share some files in a folder
called "TSE Discussion List" with you via Dropbox.

View "TSE Discussion List"

- The Dropbox Team