Northeast Modern Language Association

NeMLA 2019 Convention (50th Anniversary Convention)

March 21-24, 2019

Washington, DC

Roundtable: Wechselzeiten/Zeitenwechsel: Technology and Temporality in Modern Germany and Austria

The early twentieth century was a pivotal moment in the history of time. Informed by technological innovations like transportation, communication, and industry, and supported by new theories of time by philosophers and physicists, the period witnessed a profound meditation on the nature of temporality, both as lived experience as well as a way of thinking about history itself. In a destructive moment of revolutions and world wars, the open horizon of the future was contemplated through diverse artistic explorations with an eye on how time itself could be refigured, re-imagined, and restructured for a better, more humane world.

This roundtable focuses on the culture and politics of time in two important sites of twentieth-century modernity Germany and Austria where the reorganization of time catalyzed new cultural movements and political questions. 

We will consider how artists, writers, and directors responded to new modes of temporal experience through literary and cinematic forms, including science fiction, montage, and the techniques of literary modernism. Reading this texts in dialogue with historical inquiry about the relationship between time, labor, evolution, and the nation, we will consider how changes in technology configured ideas about the Future, utopian possibility, and promises of modernity itself.

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