I got an appeal from Kimberly Rohling of the Cache River SNA Wetlands
Center over in southern Illinois; she's looking for birders to help with
fall migration counts.  Here are the details:



Fall Migration Mini Sit

Sunday, October 7, 9:00am-noon

Location: pre-register to obtain a group location or head to the Wetland
Center, Cache River State Natural Area

The “Mini Sit” is a bird watching event where our objective is to record as
many bird species that we can in the Cache River State Natural Area from
9:00am-noon!  We are looking for birdwatchers of all levels to sit back,
relax, and enjoy fall migration.  *Teams are required to pre-register by
September 23, 2018, so they can be assigned specific areas within the site*.
Each team will sit in their 17 foot diameter circle for 3 hours, tallying
all the birds that they can identify by sight or sound.  Data will be
recorded on eBird hotspots.  There is no limit as to how many people can
sit within the circle.  “Mini Sit” participants may work in shifts, but one
person must be in the circle throughout the sitting period.  *If you can’t
get a team together, but want to contribute sightings, visit the Wetland
Center to learn which access points are open for counts.  Passers-bys are
welcome!*  Bring a lawn chair, binoculars or a scope, and snacks to enjoy
your morning.  After the event, we will have a pot luck lunch at the
Wetland Center to learn what species were spotted.  Feel free to bring a
dish.  *If groups want to scout their location, we encourage you to do so
the Saturday before to participate in eBird’s Global Big Day happening
October 6th!*  Our “Mini sit” is a spin-off of the “Big Sit” that will
occur internationally October 13-14, 2018, when birdwatchers all over the
world will sit for 24 hours to record every species that they see.  If you
enjoyed your day, consider registering for the international event in the
If interested, contact Kimberly at [log in to unmask] .

-Allen Gathman
Pocahontas, MO

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