Chrissy Mc called
(Think I got the instructions correct since I woke out of one of my 
needed naps)

They had BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPERS on Keeteman Road.
Go up Hwy 79 out of St. Charles co. up to Keeteman Road
just north of the town Old Monroe. Take that road over the tracks,
past the houses, the "S" curve and the stand of trees. There is sod past 
the trees.
The birds were there in that sod.

If directions are wrong, CMc will correct tomorrow some time when/if 
they can.
They are away from computer.

BTW, she said the sod fields along Hwy 79 just outside of O'Fallon, MO 
are all dirt.
RMBS water has gone up and shorebird habitat limited.

Dan K. was having shorebirds at White-tailed Access (SE side) last weekend.
But with the rains, don't know if water went up or not.
He might have an update this Monday.

Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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