This is the first commentary I saw.  The remarks are all sort of speculative and subjective. But it is interesting that it has made so much discussion. Nancy

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>Out of Time
>By Kevin D. Williamson
>August 23, 2018

Sorry CR I have not yet read the article. My desktop system is desperately in need of an upgrade as my browser is incapable of displaying more and more webpages and I can't get a new browser without upgrading the OS and [long story omitted.]

I had submitted a different Musk/Phelbas webpage a few days ago but it didn't take because due to some glitch I got unsubscribed from the TSE list and early attempts to rectify the problem were unsuccessful. I should be fine now. And here, from a notes log I entered it into, is what I tried to send:

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First a bit of background. Iain Banks wrote fiction. When he wrote science fiction the books bore the name Iain M. Banks instead. Iain M. Banks wrote a series of science fiction books, the Culture series, about an interstellar civilization. The first book in the series was titled "Consider Phlebas" and a later one "Look to Windward" where the names obviously refer to Part 4 of Eliot's "The Waste Land." Elon Musk of Tesla, SpaceX and the Boring Project is a fan of Banks; he named two of his spacecraft after ships in the Culture series. Yesterday (8/21) Musk tweeted "Read Eliot’s notes on The Waste Land"

Now there are a number of pages out on the web trying to explain what he means. One on the Breitbart website I consider to be worth your time to read (although the publisher and page title might put you off.)
Understanding Elon Musk’s Tweet Quoting T.S. Eliot’s ‘Death by Water’
Elon Musk returned to Twitter Tuesday with a command and poetry.
By John Carney
21 Aug 2018

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