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Sent: Thursday July 26 2018 12:12:30PM
Subject: Mississippi Kite Young is Walking and Talking - 7/25/18

Chrissy (my life partner and co-conspirator in rejoicing in all things wild) videoed the Mississippi Kites and their one youngster on the nest again yesterday, 7/25/18, in the Carondelet Park area here in St. Louis.  

The little one is really growing up.  Not having ventured off the nest yet, she's walking around the nest and talking!  Her head is getting a mottled brown/white.  Her wings are expanding.  And she's speaking  her first words!  In the video, her dad calls to her quite vociferously, and she answers tentatively at first and then louder.  Also note that Dad brings her what looks like a plucked bird not long after the calling back and forth.  (In past videos, she was brought a bird and a frog.)   Please share in the joy of our first time witnessing her "pe-teew" and pee-teeer" in this video:
Andy Reago

St. Louis MO

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